The premier broker of third-party due diligence inspections for mortgage companies looking to assess satellite office compliance with the Fair Housing Administration (FHA) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recommendations.

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TrendSource offers standard and in-depth Inspections, both of which evaluate FHA compliance, commercial and non-commercial space, statutes, regulations, HUD issuances, and employee procedures. These include mortgage branch inspections, FHA lender inspections, and HUD consolidated audits.

Inspectors pay particular attention to:

  • Adequate Company Identifiers
  • Labor Laws
  • Mortgage-Specific Laws and Acts
  • Availability of Marketing Collateral
  • Much more

HUD works to strengthen the housing market and provides regulation recommendations for mortgage companies and their satellite offices. These regulations recommend branch locations properly display signage including adequate company identifiers, labor laws, mortgage-specific laws/acts, availability of marketing collateral, and myriad other items. But it's not easy for corporate offices to visit each and every satellite location on an annual basis to maintain their HUD compliance. TrendSource Certified OnSite Inspectors will easily conduct HUD office inspections, providing an unbiased assessment of the office's compliance with HUD recommendations.

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How TrendSource Does FHA Lender Inspections

Our Difference starts with our Inspectors. Our database of 300,000+ experienced, background checked, certified independent contractors is spread across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. They have the specific orientation, data collection skills, and professionalism necessary to conduct in-field inspections, and our Quality Assurance Team is always on hand to back them up. And it should all happen within a matter of days. That's the TrendSource Difference.

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