I-9 Employee Verification

TrendSOurce will act as your Authorized Representative with remote employees and complete Section 2 of Form I-9.

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Remote Verification for Remote Employment

Employment practices are changing — the world is getting more remote. It's the era of team management via conference calls and video check-ins. Employees work remotely more frequently these days, and many don’t even come into the office for orientation.

For onboarding, the Department of Homeland Security requires that someone physically verify both the new hire’s work eligibility and identification documents, and then complete Section 2 of Form I-9. Reviewing these documents via webcam is not permissible. TrendSource is ready and willing to fulfill that obligation for employers across the United States.

A TrendSource Field Agent will meet your new hire to complete Section 2 of Form I-9 at a prearranged location — maybe a coffee shop or even the employee’s residence. The meeting takes place before the hire date, at the new hire’s convenience. TrendSource offers the flexibility and technology to hook into your electronic onboarding system, and we are also of course happy to use a paper I-9.

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I-9 Verification, The TrendSource Way

When a Field Agent is one of the first faces a new employee will encounter on behalf of your company, you need to ensure they are professional, experienced, and accountable. TrendSource’s database of 300,000+ Field Agents are distributed across the United States, so wherever your remote employees are hanging their hat, we are there to verify their eligibility. Our agents are trained and vetted to ensure the highest quality work, and our rapid turnaround means that your company shouldn't experience onboarding delays.

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