TrendSource will connect you to an Authorized Representative to complete Section 2 of Form I-9 for remote employees.

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Employment practices are changing - the world is getting more remote. It's the era of team management via conference calls and video check-ins. Employees work remotely more frequently these days and many don't even come into the office for orientation.

For onboarding, the Department of Homeland Security requires that someone physically verifies both the New Hire's work eligibility and identification documents, and then completes Section 2 of Form I-9. While in the past there were requirements for physical copies of completed Form I-9s, those standards have changed as outlined by the USCIS to allow for electronic versions of the form, although reviewing these documents via webcam is still not permissible.

That is why TrendSource is ready and willing to connect employers with its network of Field Agents across the United States to fulfill that in-person verification obligation.

A TrendSource Field Agent will meet your New Hire to complete Section 2 of Form I-9 at a prearranged location - maybe a coffee shop or even the employee's residence. The meeting takes place before the hire date at the New Hire's convenience.

Once the information is collected and verified, it is electronically uploaded, where employers can view and export the form. TrendSource also offers the flexibility and technology to hook into your own electronic onboarding system.

How TrendSource Does Remote I-9 Verifications in 6 Easy Steps

As with many areas of governmental compliance, the process for completing a remote I-9 Verification can be a bit daunting at first. TrendSource, however, breaks it down into six easy steps.

  1. The Employer submits a request, including the New Hire’s contact information, through TrendSource’s online platform.
  2. The New Hire receives an email explaining the process and asking them to log into TrendSource’s platform to electronically complete Section 1 of the I-9 Verification. Once Section 1 is complete, the New Hire will select a public location to meet the Field Agent, as well as potential appointment times.
  3. When TrendSource receives this information from the New Hire, a Field Agent near the New Hire is assigned for an in-person meeting to complete Section 2. The Field Agent chooses an appointment time from those provided by the New Hire. In some cases, the Field Agent will call the hire directly to coordinate the appointment.
  4. Once scheduled, the New Hire receives an email confirmation of the location and date/time of the appointment, along with the Field Agent’s badge and photo, so the New Hire knows who to look for.
  5. The assigned Field Agent completes Section 2 in person with the New Hire on TrendSource’s electronic I-9 platform, and takes photos of any of the necessary documents.
  6. Once Section 2 is successfully completed and QC’ed by our in-house review team, the employer has immediate access to view the completed Form I-9.

All employers need do is submit the request online and provide the New Hire’s contact information. TrendSource will take it from there!

I-9 Verification, The TrendSource Way

When an Independent Contractor is one of the first faces a new employee will encounter on behalf of your company, you need to ensure they are professional, experienced, and accountable. TrendSource's database of 300,000+ Field Agents are distributed across the United States, so wherever your remote employees are hanging their hat, we have connections there to verify their employment eligibility.

Our Field Agents are oriented and vetted to ensure the highest quality work, and our rapid turnaround means that your company shouldn't experience onboarding delays. That’s the TrendSource way.

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