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I-9 Verifications Help Businesses Remain Compliant While Operating with Greater Speed and Efficiency

No matter the industry, no matter the state, all businesses — big and small — must ensure their compliance with employment eligibility laws. TrendSource is here to help. A pioneer in virtual I-9 Verification compliance, TrendSource’s I-9 Verification Services enable businesses to:

  • Quickly and efficiently onboard New Hires, wherever they reside in the United States
    With employment eligibility compliance, employers only get one chance to get it right. Ensure your business onboards each and every employee accurately the first time by utilizing the professionals at TrendSource.

  • Run a more streamlined HR team by outsourcing I-9 Verifications
    It's busy times in Human Resources with teams undermanned and overburdened. TrendSource lightens the load by managing the rote, time-consuming employment eligibility verification, freeing up HR teams for larger initiatives.

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Add E-Verify To I-9 Verifications for Greater Certainty and Security

Whether your state requires E-Verify or not, E-Verify adds further layers of documented employment eligibility compliance.

A federal program since 1996, E-Verify checks the information provided on the Form I-9 against existing DHS and Social Security Administration (SSA) records. This additional level of verification helps employers remain confident that the information New Hires submit is accurate and in compliance with employment eligibility requirements.

Depending on the state and county, E-Verify may be required for all employers, public employers, and/or employers with federal contracts. Check your local requirements if you are unsure. Regardless, with over 967,000 employers using the service, it is not only useful for those in states in which it is required — it offers additional certainty that companies are complying with employment eligibility laws, wherever they are.

E-Verify can be added to any I-9 Verification ordered through TrendSource.

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TrendSource Virtual I-9s: A Simple 4-Step Process

TrendSource Virtual I-9s are designed to be effortless for New Hire and Employer alike. Here’s how it works once an order is placed:

  1. The New Hire receives an email from TrendSource, prompting them to log in to the TrendSource I-9 portal to complete Section 1 and upload copies of their identification documents.
  2. The New Hire then chooses a date and time from TrendSource’s scheduling calendar.
  3. At the appointed time, TrendSource virtually meets with the New Hire to complete Section 2.
  4. TrendSource takes it from there, completing E-Verify on the client’s behalf.

This process prioritizes convenience for the employer’s onboarding process while ensuring the I-9 is completed accurately the first time. This process also benefits the New Hire, who’s experience is seamless and user-friendly.

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The TrendSource Compliance Difference

TrendSource has over a decade of experience with I-9 Verifications, with its technologies evolving in tandem with I-9 requirements. Beyond that, TrendSource just knows compliance. For over thirty years, TrendSource’s various compliance products have helped businesses navigate consumer reporting regulations, verify applicants to their networks, and execute due diligence before extending lines of credit. Businesses can trust TrendSource’s experience and infrastructure to quickly, accurately, and efficiently complete Virtual I-9 Verifications to keep them in compliance with constantly shifting employee eligibility requirements.

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