Customer Experience Optimization:
Extracting Hidden Value

We help our clients create and extract shareholder value by optimizing customer experience in a proven, repeatable, and scaleable process.

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Creating and Extracting Shareholder Value

We understand that creating value is a multi-front battle. But all too often, while streamlining supply chain, product development, fine-tuning real estate and other assets, and other common targets for improvement, the customer experience is overlooked.

TrendSource will help you find the value hiding in the customer experience in a three-stage, repeatable process that mirrors your company's journey. Our customer experience optimization can potentially help you to:

  • Identify actions that immediately impact customer experience and fill a market void
  • Increase revenue 5%-10% and lower costs 15%-25%
  • Hold gains and find new opportunities for transformation

Through this process, industry experts have observed the following potential benefits.

  • 36% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 28% increase in customer recommendations to others
  • 33% decrease in customer defections
  • 15%-20% decrease in cost of serving customers

How can we deliver those kinds of results? As a full service firm, we don't just fade away after providing recommendations. That means that, in addition to providing recommendations, we are there to help you implement them, whether that means securing buy-in through facilitated workshops, or validating the process through pilot phases before scaling to a full rollout.

It's that kind of attention that allowed our clients to attribute tens of billions of dollars to our work. We create value for our clients by helping them win on the customer experience.

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