Custom Dashboard and Reporting Websites:
Insights are Not Very Helpful if they Cannot be Easily Accessed

Access, manipulate, and share data and insights with our custom dashboard reporting. Don't waste all the work your business put into its market research program — ensure that information is pliable, digestible, actionable, and just right.

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What to Expect from Custom Dashboards

Expect to get exactly what your company wants in its dashboard and reporting website. At TrendSource, we design all of our products from the ground up, and we custom build every market research solution to fit our clients' specific needs. So why should reporting on the back end be any different? That's why we partner directly with your company to ensure that its custom dashboard reporting site has exactly the information it needs, and none of the clutter it doesn't.

Ensure information is quickly accessible when you need it, and avoid the frustration of constantly trying to find an organizational method to your company's madness.

With our secure custom reporting websites and dashboards, you can do whatever you like with your data — it's yours after all. Organize and segment your data set however you wish:

  • Zoom in from the highest national level all the way down to individual locations
  • Move seamlessly between current and trending data
  • Segment by store type, location, region, and other distinguishing features
  • Go directly to individual reports

We will fold in your company's brand logos and colors into dashboards, decks, and presentation materials. Custom Reporting for Custom Programs.

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