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How Can We Help Your Business?

We Take Market Research Seriously

The small stuff matters. Trust us, we know. With over 25 years experience, a staff of business leaders and industry experts, and a client list of Fortune 100 and 500 companies, we know that, when designing market research programs, even the smallest details are important and nothing should be left off the table. That's why we custom build all our market research programs from the ground up, tailor-fitting them to help each client achieve their business goals. With both qualitative and quantitative omnichannel methodologies, we offer comprehensive tools and coverage with a personal touch.
That is how we drive billion dollar outcomes, help businesses avoid catastrophic mistakes, and lean into their inherent differentiators.

How can Market Research Help Your Business?

  • Increase Sales
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Deep Consumer Insights
  • Navigate the Competitive Landscape
  • Data-Driven Strategic Results
  • Unbiased Feedback

Methodologies Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

Uncover Insights With Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research Methodologies

Methodologies matter. We offer an array of qualitative and quantitative omnichannel market research methodologies to provide a complete portrait of your business, your customers, and your products. With online, in-store, and phone-based programs available, we will help you find your customers, wherever they are.

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Turn Data into Actionable Insights

Separate the Signal from the Noise With Data Analytics

Data without analytics is just numbers. From data collection to data visualization, all the way through reporting, our advanced analytics team turns those numbers into actionable insights.

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Hear Your Customers’ Voices

Consumers Sound Off On Your Products And Services

Sometimes you need to hear directly from your customers to test a new product before rollout, to measure overall customer satisfaction, or to simply recount their experiences and decisions through shop-alongs and dine-alongs. Whether in-store or online, Voice-of-Customer programs offer the omnichannel insights you need.

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Compliance and Audits Solutions

Competitor Analysis

Understand Your Competitive Marketplace

Before you can grow your business, you must understand your market's landscape. Competitor Analysis Market Research programs will help you arrive at a competitive pricing point, benchmark your products and services against your competition, and ensure that you are on your market's cutting edge.

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VoC Market Research Solutions

Unbiased, On-the-Ground Intelligence

Mystery Shopping Gives a Third-Party Perspective Of Your Day-To-Day Operations

Bring another set of eyes into your locations to give you insights into a customer's typical in-store experience and your customer service standards, to validate your employee training efforts, and to recognize and reward associates displaying desired behaviors.

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Compliance and Audits

Keeping Partners Honest and Business Good

Ensuring compliance among manufacturing and retail partners, franchisees and corporations, and employees, TrendSource's Compliance and Audit programs keep your business on the right side of regulations and contractual obligations.

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