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It’s Not Spying, It’s Competitor Market Research

TrendSource's Competitor Market Research programs offer a deep-dive into your competitive landscape. Find out who your biggest competitors are, how they differentiate themselves within your market, and what service gaps and pain points you can leverage.

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We Custom Build our Competitor Market Research Solutions to Fit Each Client’s Unique Needs

No two competitor market research programs should be the same. And at TrendSource, they never are. That's because your market position, and thus your market research needs, are unique to you. To answer your business questions, we will combine a host of market research solutions that may include any or all of the following:

  • Customer Intercepts to determine who your customers believe your nearest competition is and why they choose your store
  • Panel Surveys of qualified respondents to find how consumers not already in your stores perceive you and your competitive landscape
  • Shopalongs to determine how consumers navigate your locations vs. your competitors
  • Competitive Pricing Audits to understand where your prices fall in in your competitive landscape
  • Mystery Shops to get boots-on-the-ground in your customers' locations

These programs leverage our industry knowledge to give you timely and accurate qualitative and quantitative data to ideally position your operations and products within your rapidly shifting marketplace

Making the Complex Simple

The more competitor market research solutions built into a program, the deeper it can dive into your competitive landscape. A full battery of competitor market research programs can start to answer truly complex questions, such as:

  • If you fail to meet your customers' expectations, which of your competitors are they likeliest to embrace?
  • How does that competitor go about succeeding where you have failed?
  • From which competitor will you most easily steal market share, and how?
  • What are your competitors' current marketing strategies and how are they landing?

Competitor Market Research, the TrendSource Way

Just like you, we have our competitors. So, why choose TrendSource?

  • Our programs are custom built, so you get a properly focused, appropriately sized research solution, as our clients have already learned
  • We've worked with all types of companies from the established global brands looking to keep an eye on any plucky upstarts, all the way to the plucky upstarts looking to become a global brand
  • Our proprietary and dynamic Field Agent database means we have accountable, accurate, and efficient coverage wherever your locations may be
  • We have nearly thirty years of industry experience that we will leverage to ensure you are asking the right questions

TrendSource’s Track Record

We know that understanding your competitive landscape is key to succeeding within it, and we've already helped industry-leading retailers and grocers do just that. But the proof's in the pudding — check out a couple of our case studies detailing our competitor market research programs:

Grocer Combats Market Share Loss of New Competitor Location

Learn how a grocer used our competitor market research program to fight off a new entrant into their segment

Produce Is Center Stage for Grocery Shoppers

Follow one retailer's journey to provide superior produce department experiences for their customers through competitor market research

Again, it's not spying — it's competitor market research. And your competitors are already doing it. In your stores. Probably even as you read these words.

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